Generation Tips: C7

Generation Tips: C7

– Hold the power button for a few seconds and the Analog clock will turn on (allowing you to wipe the screen without changing anything)

– Skip prompts by clicking the nav button again (don’t have to wait for the voice prompt to answer)

– Electric Power Steering (vs Hydraulic Power Steering)

– Turning off AC (turn knob to the left until “Off” on screen / click “Auto”  to turn on)

– Asymmetrical sidewalls

– What is “Torque Lock”?  Automatic transmission in Park without “parking brakes”

– Cell phone chargers can interfere with the operation of the Keyless Access System.  Battery chargers should not be plugged in when starting / turning off the engine.

– Hold On/Off button for six seconds to turn on / off Automatic Dimming Rearview Mirror feature

– Cabin pressure relief value to help with opening and closing the rear hatch

– What is “Tire Chatter / Hop”?  When making very slow, sharp turns, the car has a significant tire chatter or vibration when cold.   The type of tire compound and lower aspect ratio of the larger diameter front tires makes the slow speed “chatter” even worse.  Chatter can start to be observed when the tires are below 50 F especially severe when the tires are below about 40 F.  The Owner’s Manual states under a heading Tire Chatter/Hop: When driving at slow speeds and in very tight turns, the vehicle may have tire hatter/hop.  This condition is normal and the vehicle does not require service.

– Low-profile Tires are more susceptible to damage from road hazards or curb impact than standard profile tires. Tire and/or wheel assembly damage can occur when coming into contact with road hazards like potholes, or sharp edged objects, or when sliding into a curb. The warranty does not cover this type of damage. Keep tires set to the correct inflation pressure and when possible, avoid contact with curbs, potholes, and other road hazards.

– High performance summer tires have rubber compounds that lose flexibility and may develop surface cracks in the tread area at temperatures below −7 °C (20 °F).  Always store high performance summer tires indoors and at  temperatures above −7 °C (20 °F) when not in use.  If the tires have been subjected to −7 °C (20 °F) or less, let them warm up in a heated space to at least 5 °C (40 °F) for 24 hours or more before being installed or driving a vehicle on which they are installed.  Do not apply heat or blow heated air directly on the tires.  Always inspect tires before use.

– Sun visor extend along the rod

Remember the day you’ve used a DVR for the first time? The C7 Corvettehas something similar to a DVR, more specifically a Pause Live Radio feature. Thanks to the hard drive buffer, you can catch up with that radio show you’ve paused while taking a phone call by pressing the rewind button. Nifty feature, isn’t it?

In Reverse!

Fact:  The new C7 Corvette can reach an amazing 53 miles per hour IN REVERSE!  This is not recommended for you to try, but this is documented at GM.

An industry first feature pioneered by the C7 Corvette is a cabin pressure relief value that helps with opening an closing the rear hatch.  The rectangular element located just below the hatch door.  When you open the hatch, current is sent to a nickel-titanium alloy wire that causes the cabin pressure relief value to contract and open its vents.  When you close the Chevrolet Corvettes hatch door, the current is removed and venetian blind-like louvers close more silently than a puny electric motor doing the same thing.  Its intelligent engineering thats hideously underrated.

Key fob access with a non-functioning battery

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 7.24.46 PM

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