A Message From
The Founder

Welcome to the home of Road Runner Vettes (RRV).  Thank you for visiting our website.  During your visit it is our desire that you experience this wonderful club.  We are fortunate to have established a respected reputation in the Corvette community in a very short period of time.  We are excited to present to you – Road Runner Vettes!


Established on September 4, 2011, the charter members Bill Miller (Founder), Kelly Cooper, Steve Ham, Kerry Norton and John Watkins founded RRV on the principal of being a social club built around the Corvette lifestyle.  This principal helped us establish wonderful relationships throughout the Carolinas, the Southeast, and mid-Atlantic.  Today, the membership is over 30 strong!  Our close knit group enjoy a wide variety of experiences that allows our members to enjoy new venues, explore new cultures, find new adventures, and open untapped happenings.  Members are often heard saying, “I would have never known of this experience without RRV.”


RRV’s signature event – Corvette Angels – gives back to the community.  Our award winning toy drive has collected several thousand toys benefiting the local Salvation Army (SA).  In 2020, we set a new record for toys collected at a single SA event – over 1,400 toys!  We are very proud of this accomplishment.


Active and engaged, we support many Corvette events throughout the country.  We are diehard enthusiasts and we like having fun! Trust me – this group really enjoys having fun.  We have something for everyone.  Our members simply, “get in where they fit in.”


Explore our website, learn more about Corvette Angels, view our pictures, and check out the many events we attend and support.  Meet our members and find out why RRV is such a unique and special Club.


Join us at some of our outings.  Whether you like to cruise, just want to talk cars, or simply enjoy social gatherings – we have something for you.  Thank you again for visiting!


Best regards,

Bill “Hollywood” Miller – Founder