Generation Tips: C6

Generation Tips: C6

Enginecooling: This is being mentioned, because there are changes to the cooling system that should be noted. When adding coolant to this engine. You will have a cold mark. If you were adding when the enginewas hot, then add to the cold line, and add an additional 1 quart of mixture. There is NOT a hot full mark on this tank.
Also, the radiator fan is a single fan, not the dual fans of the c5. This fan is also controlled by a fan control module, NOT relays as in the c5. This yields multiple fan speeds and quieter operation. So don’t expect to hear the fan a lot, the speeds are independent and will only be as high as needed to cool the vehicle or the AC system.

Cabin filter/HVAC features
There is a HEPA filter on the C6. It is accessed by removing a panel from the engine compartment, just above the battery, attached at the firewall.

Window Indexing, to avoid water leaks and problems must be reset.  Otherwise the widows will not move when opening and closing the doors.  The owner can reset the position to index the windows by holding the up button on both windows for 5 seconds with the ignition on or ignition on and engine running.  This tells the door control modules that the windows are completely up and that is the top position.

Key fob access with a non-functioning battery

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 7.26.00 PM

The only generation to have a model specifically built for Hertz

Corvette Hertz

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